Finders, Seekers & Transformers

Finders, Seekers & Transformers

Finders LogoFinders (for Under 5s), Seekers (for 5s – 7s) and Transformers (for 8s – 11s) are the names of our Children’s Sunday morning groups which happen during the 11am Sunday morning service (except on the first Sunday in the month, when it’s our all-age Family Service in church).

Seekers LogoAfter spending the first 15 minutes together with the whole church family in the main service, the children go to their groups in the church hall and come back into the service just before it ends.

Parents and carers can come with us to the Church Hall and either stay with their children, or return to the service if their children are settled and happy.

Transformers LogoThere are always enough adults on hand to provide individual attention for each child.

In each of our Sunday Groups, we learn about God through… Worship, Teaching, Games, Craft and Fun.