Bible in One Year

Bible in One Year


Bible In One Year is a Bible reading plan written by Nicky and Pippa Gumbel. Nicky  is Vicar of Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB), an Anglican church in central London and the pioneer of Alpha.

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  1. Steve - April 4, 2017 11:51 am

    Bible in one year… Day 91 still going in grace…

    Top tip daily of Bible reading if you fall off… don’t stay off… get back on…

    So todays corker is ‘No blessing goes uncontested!’

    What great encouragement and reassurance… I know we are massively blessed at St Lawrence but going by the ‘are we being contested’ ometer we are even more blessed than we thought!

    Be encouraged St Lawrence Church family we are definately on the right track otherwise why would someone else be so keen to try and knock us off it!

    God Bless

    Steven Dyson

    ps. Its never too late to get on the bike or to get back on the bike! I can’t tell you what a blessing it is to have these daily readings.

  2. Steve - February 4, 2017 5:33 pm

    HTB Bible in a year – Day 35 (still going in grace!)

    I imagine every Church leader read today’s title with trepidation and every Church member read it with hope and expectation and a certain glee….!

    ‘Seven characterisics of a good leader!’

    We’ll first thing I’d like to point out is what ‘the Gumble’ reminds us that we are all leaders – for good or for bad we all influence others so welcome to my side of the table…

    So lesson no. 1 – Psalm 18:25-36… my confidence should be in Jesus not me… few! I’m a lot more confident about Jesus’s leadership ability!

    Lesson no. 2 – Matthew 23:1-39… few! Jesus had it in for know it all, holier than thou, cocky, self important leaders… instead he’s looking for authenticity, humility, integrity, compassion, vision, focus, generosity… gulp… going to meditate on the humility bit!

    Lesson no.3 – Job 33:1-34:37 … Awkward… its so easy to talk when it would be best to listen… its so easy to speak with authority when you should speak with humility… its to easy to fill the silence… when you should listening to the voice of God instead…

    So in conclusion – we lead by grace, we lead through grace, we live by grace… we need Jesus more each day not less…

    p.s Its never too late to start the Bible in a year… its not about legally ticking off the chapters its about having a pattern that encourages you to get into Gods word!

  3. Steve - January 19, 2017 9:32 am

    HTB Bible in a year – Day 19 – still going in grace!

    I wonder what your precious is… (think ‘Lord of the rings) and is it life giving? or is controlling and constricting…

    Todays readings are about celebrating a treasure that brings life and freedom and joy!

    Check them out above…


  4. Steve - January 9, 2017 4:35 pm

    Day 9 – Really short, simple but deep message for me this morning…


    Gods perspective is so much better than ours… sometimes we question, sometimes we doubt…

    But it really is all in his hands and his hands really are the safest hands for everything to be in!


  5. Steve - January 7, 2017 9:34 am

    Day 6 – still going!

    Psalm 5 – What a beautiful Psalm – I just love the honesty and vulnerability… praise God we can just come to him as we are because of Jesus…

    Matthew 5:21-42 – Wow Jesus is challenging – but imagine what a world we would live in… if we all lived this… will we ever get there? We’ve got to go for it but the reassurance is that in eternity we will see this happen …

    Genesis 11:10-13:18 – Faith is a white knuckle ride of fear, adventure and challenge… Fear is a killer… it totally clouds your judgement and gets you into all kinds of mess!

    Day 7

    Psalm 6 – When I read Psalms like this I think am I too casual…? is my heart hardened…? its good to be challenged by whole hearted conviction…

    Matthew 5:43-6:24 – Honest self assessment – love mercy when it doesn’t really cost me anything… can be the same with generosity… can be guilty of being one person for show and another when private… but isn’t prayer a wonderful gift… to approach God and ask for help!

    Genesis 14-16 – Important lesson – trying to do Gods job for him is always going to be messy, your much better off trusting him!

  6. Steve - January 6, 2017 10:42 am

    OK so lesson no. of ‘Doing the Bible in one year is don’t do guilt!

    Had a wonderful but madly busy day yesterday… didn’t get to to do my readings (shame on you – your a Vicar! – the little voice says…)

    Two options:

    1) This is too hard – this doesn’t work – I quit…

    2) That’s life sometimes… but I’m not going to be robbed of something good because of that annoying negative voice that tries to put me off my stride in folowing Jesus…

    So embrace the Christian walk, trials and blessings, set backs and victories… chose a life of grace…

    If the little voice is saying you’ll never do it… your fail… you wont keep it up… Don’t listen! do it in grace!

    Jesus doesn’t want religious legalism – he wants us! Read his word because as you do – you connect with him 🙂

  7. Steve - January 4, 2017 10:52 am

    Bible in one year – Day 4 – Battles and Blessings…

    Sometimes its just good to hear the honest truth… said straight… is everything easy and peachy because I’m a Christian? No… Is life sometimes more complex and difficult because I’m a Christian?… honestly sometimes yes… Have I known incredible highs and adventures as a result of my faith? definately! Do I want to skip the battles and hold on to the blessings – of course I do – which sain person wouldn’t?

    But isn’t it good to be reminded that as you follow Jesus that if in life you generally live a mix of blessings and battles your on the right track… and that ultimately in an incredible way Jesus even turns the battles into blessings…

    Feel ready to embrace another day of blessings and battles knowing Jesus is in it all and with me in it all… bring on life!



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