The Vicar’s Jottings

The Vicar’s Jottings

JULY 2017

At St Lawrence’s we believe that Gods word should not be just a helpful companion for occasional reference but that it should be integral and central to our lives and the life of our Church…

Over the coming month of July we are going to see the launch of a number of new sermon series for both our morning and evening congregations… So let me introduce you to them:

In the mornings at our 9.15 and 11’oclock congregations we will be embarking upon a fortnightly series exploring together the book of Acts…
This will be complimented by two monthly sermon series exploring our calling to be a people passionate about prayer and confident and clear about our identity in Jesus.
  Then in the evenings, at our 6.30pm Service, we will be exploring the Ancient hymn book that is the book of Psalms. How wonderful it is that these ancient texts connect  so deeply and profoundly with our own humanity and circumstances.

My prayer is that over the coming weeks we will be encouraged, inspired and challenged.