The Vicar’s Jottings

The Vicar’s Jottings

March 2018

We are in exciting times at St Lawrence’s as we approach the life changing celebration that is Easter Sunday…

As a Church, we are currently engaged in a really significant review of our corporate vision. Why are we here at St Lawrence’s? What is important to us? What should our priorities be? How should we reach out? How we can encourage one another to grow?

Ultimately, the question we are asking is, ‘How can we worship Jesus, follow him and serve him together as a Church family…?’

So here is another question for all us:

Is God asking you to be involved in shaping and leading this process?

Here are a few questions we will be asking this coming year in PCC…

  • Are our worship Services fit for purpose?
    (Are they at the right times/do they allow us to be the community of faith we want to be/are they welcoming and accessible to the wider community/are they helping us to grow in our faith?)
  • What is our vision for the Church Hall?
    (It’s tired and tatty… how can we breathe new life into it… how can we transform it back into a bustling hub of community as it used to be in its days as a school and pre-school?)

In April we will have some vacancies on our PCC… If these questions inspire you and excite you, if you sense God is nudging you to serve, then please don’t sit on your hands leaving it to others please get involved! (There are role descriptions on the table at the back of Church & please talk to a member of the current PCC to get a clearer picture of what is involved).